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About the Owner

My Truth

The owner! Whew,... that would be me. lol

My name is Tyhisha Maat. I am many things so  I refuse to put labels on myself. I am, however a spiritual being that is truly intuitive and since have discovered that by being my authentic self I will lead the way for you to do just the same. I have been through many trials and tribulations that have guided me here. I am officially free to be myself as so are you. I understand that I am not for everybody and I have accepted that and it is okay. You along with many others will not agree  with my ideas & concepts and that is also  okay. Its called free will and I am definitely down with that, however for me personally  using crystals, tree hugging, walking outside in the grass  barefoot, meditating, thinking for myself and going within along with many other things have  shown me things I never could have imagined. I had it rough growing up  and the ironic thing is that I always wanted to be a teacher as a kid, but I never could have imagined that I  would ever own a whole business that would involve teaching and helping to heal people. In closing,  All  I can say is that  in a world full of sheep dare to be different! Well, thanks for reading and always take care of yourself and most importantly be you!

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