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“Its Just Like Royalty” Necklace (Amethyst)

“Its Just Like Royalty” Necklace (Amethyst)

This stunning amethyst necklace set features a sterling silver wire for securing the stone, several evil eye charms along with a matching bracelet.

Key Features 
- Gorgeous amethyst stone
- High quality sterling silver wire
- Protective evil eye charms 
- Only one of its kind 
- Bracelet Included 

This necklace is perfect for those seeking both style and protection. The beautiful hue of the amethyst adds an extra touch. The evil eye charm is a symbol of protection and making this necklace not only stylish and different, but meaningful.

Overall, if your looking for an accessory that combines beauty with protection look no further than this stunning Amethyst necklace, but we like to address her as “ Its Just Like Royalty” 

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